My letterhead says Custom Remodeling & Construction. I provide true custom services, and key to that is my direct, personal involvement in every Project. That involvement manifests itself in several ways:

Custom Homes


I write a Daily Report. Customers and architects are copied, so we’re all on the same page. When they wake up it’s on their computer. It details who was on the job yesterday and what work was performed, who will be on the job today and what work is scheduled, status of items, schedules, things requiring action, etc. I’ve found this to be helpful in making the construction process transparent to all, and affording everyone the immediate opportunity to post comments or ask questions.


I personally run the job and I’m on site every day. I place great importance on protecting existing conditions, maintaining a clean job site, and making the experience as tenable as possible. My subcontractors are the finest in their respective disciplines. They know my standards and my expectations. Completing the job on schedule is critical; we typically work as much and as often as municipalities allow. We also work on Saturdays.


I take direct responsibility for the job and I’m almost always available. I return phone calls and email promptly. Architects and customers tell me my paperwork is thorough. Please be assured the finished product will be the equal of any and all Project photos.

I consider my customers to be family, and they feel the same way about me. Please peruse our Testimonials as supporting evidence.

Please contact us at 203 253-5192 (or send us an email) with any pending or future considerations. As an alternative, feel free to use our Contact Form to send us a message.

John Koushouris

John Koushouris


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